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Fast lane digital internet marketing specialists

Where it all began…

Fast Lane originally came about because a nonprofit (known by Lisa, one of our co-founders) had an opportunity to get into a local medical magazine… the other writer hadn’t fulfilled their end and the mag had something like 4 pages they needed to fill…in 48 hours. Yip you guessed it, that’s when her blog, “Writing in the Fast Lane” was born.

After a few years solo, Lisa decided she wanted to take things to the next level and on-boarded an assistant based in an entirely different country. But, after a year working together as freelancers, they knew they had the potential to create something bigger and better together as a team.

Fast Lane Digital – Multinational Media Agency subsequently evolved and has since expanded to become first-choice full service Digital Media & Communications Agency.

Next Steps…

Writing in the Fast Lane shares articles from the co-founders themselves – as well as posts by guest authors. Get to know us while learning about a wide range of topics and stories on our blog!