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Today’s topic is Ghostwriting. While the main subject for ghostwriting is books, did you know there are a variety of other formats that can be ghosted? Think love letters (hello, Cyrano!), speeches, press releases, website content, blogs, articles, and much, much more.

The below information is excerpted from my whitepaper, All Roads Lead to Book.

Do I need a Professional Ghostwriter?

Why you need a professional Ghost Writer - Fast Lane Digital

There are as many ways to write books as there are books written. Every choice about who and how and when and why is yours to make.

When considering a professional ghostwriter, there may be a couple of scenarios that come to mind such as:

  • Do you have the time to write a 100-250-page book?
  • What kind of book do you want to write?
  • How many chapters should it be?
  • Is there anyone else writing books similar to yours?
  • If so, are other authors getting excellent reviews?
  • Critical reviews? Reviews at all?
  • How is your book different? How will you craft it so it stands apart from the others?

These are just a few of the questions a ghostwriter might ask you in your first meeting or research to be done on your behalf. But what does a ghostwriter do? What’s the process? And the penultimate question, how will it benefit you?

What Does a Ghostwriter Do?

What does a Ghostwriter do - Fast Lane Digital

Authors hire ghostwriters for a variety of reasons. Some authors may be too busy but wish to keep up the momentum of their writing. Some authors are busy executives who want to focus on their business and don’t have the skills or the time to devote to writing. Some authors want to tell their story, but are not sure how. Ghostwriters are the “you” that you don’t have time to be.

Each ghostwriter operates a little differently, but this is what you can expect.

A Ghostwriter will discern from your initial call your business, the topic you wish to write about, and what kind of book you want to write. Questions you may be asked include:

• Who is your ideal reader?

• What key ideas would you like to communicate in your book?

• What action do you want readers to take once they’ve finished reading your book?

• Will this book support any of your business goals and objectives?

• What ROI are you seeking from this project?

Your Ghostwriter will guide you through this first discovery call, then help you come up with a theme, a title, and a subtitle. Your author-half will help draft your table of contents, define what structure you’d like your book to be, the right format for your audience, and ensure your book is written in a clear, organized manner.

Not unlike a Developmental Editor, your Ghost will structure and format your book for easy reading. Next, your ghostwriter will craft the narrative from interviews, notes, and any research outside scheduled interviews.

As your book comes to completion, your Ghostwriter can also recommend book cover designers and publicists. But prior to polishing for publication, your Ghost will work with an editor to ensure your manuscript is clean and error-free.

Similar to a Book or Writing Coach, you’ll work with your Ghostwriter in a manner conducive to your schedule. Some Ghostwriters choose to focus 3-4 solid 8 hours or more days of interviews and glean as much information in a few days as possible. Others may choose to meet more frequently like every two weeks to ensure everything is on track.

Regardless of the interview structure you choose, you can be as hands-on or hands-off (limited) as you wish.

If you’ve got a story to tell, insights to share, or want to leave a legacy for those in your wake but are busy doing those things you wish to write about, hire a Ghostwriter. Or maybe you’re an author in your own right, but you’ve already got your hands full with one or two books with a third in demand, hire a Ghost to help you manage your load.

Bio: Lisa is a freelance writer, certified business book ghostwriter, author, and poet based in Ohio. She writes about freelance writing, travel, business, and finds her happy place in family biographies and historical fiction. Follow her on her blog Writing in the Fast Lane or check back here each Friday to see what she’s on about next.

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