Digital marketing is a fantastic career choice after graduation. The skills and qualities you develop during your undergraduate studies can prove invaluable in the world of digital marketing. Written and verbal communication, independent research, time management, and teamwork are all important skills that employers look for when filling entry-level jobs and graduate programs.

So, if you’re a graduate or prospective graduate looking to start a career in a digital marketing company, it’s important that you can confidently demonstrate all of these key skills and a willingness to learn. This article provides tips on how you can start a career in digital marketing after graduation, even without formal work experience.

Key tips to help you start a career in digital marketing:

Expand your knowledge by finding informational resources online. You should start learning the basics first. Understand exactly what digital marketing means and what components it includes. By taking the time to learn, you can not only build confidence in your digital marketing knowledge and skills, but you can also impress employers by proving that you are willing to learn.

At an¬†online marketing firm, when hiring for an entry-level position, it’s very important that the candidate show a strong interest in the industry: It’s always commendable when candidates who don’t have direct experience but have taken the time to pursue relevant certifications solidify basic knowledge. Google Digital Garage in particular does a great job of providing free, high-quality training.¬†Because of the specifics of the topic, there are a huge number of resources online to get you started in learning how to use various digital marketing programs and tools. Candidates should have prior knowledge of digital marketing before applying for a first-level executive position, even without a relevant degree.

With so much information available about digital marketing, including countless free online courses and certifications, there’s no excuse for someone interested in a career in digital marketing to not have an understanding of it before they start applying for jobs.

The best free digital marketing resources and training courses:

There are many training courses and informative online resources that are completely free! Here are some of the best free online courses that you can be certified to add to your resume and LinkedIn:

  • The Basics of Google Digital Marketing
  • Google Analytics Academy
  • Google Ads certification
  • HubSpot social media marketing certification.
  • HubSpot certification in email marketing.
  • Digital marketing certification from Semrush.

In addition, here are some of the best informative online resources you can read in your spare time:

  • Moz’s Beginner’s Guide to SEO
  • Semrush
  • AHrefs
  • Yoast
  • Search Engine Journal
  • Search Engine Land
  • SE Roundtable
  • Training
  • Don’t forget to check out these podcasts you can listen to on Spotify:
  • Marketing Hour
  • Aligned.
  • Morning Beer.
  • Marketing Companion.
  • Everyone hates marketers
  • Hidden Brain
  • Invisibilia
  • The brainy business
  • Perpetual motion

Apply to different companies and try to gain relevant work experience. Doing an internship before or shortly after you graduate will help you stand out from other graduates. Work experience will also give your insight into what it’s like to work in online marketing agency, which will help you decide if this is the right career for you.

The best way to get an internship is to be proactive and reach out to as many different agencies as possible. Find relevant contacts through LinkedIn and company websites and email them. When contacting an employer to inquire about potential internship opportunities, be sure to include the following elements in your email:

  • Your interest in pursuing a career in digital marketing after graduation.
  • What do you hope to gain from your internship?
  • How do you become aware of their agency and what exactly attracted you to it?
  • Your skills and what you can contribute to their work.
  • Include your resume, written specifically to work in digital marketing.

As mentioned earlier in this article, it’s not enough to submit a resume for digital marketing jobs right after graduation. Be proactive and take advantage of the myriad of free resources available online to expand your digital marketing knowledge. Contact agencies that offer internship opportunities.

Update your resume to make it specific to digital marketing jobs. Be sure to include transferable skills you gained during your college studies and why those skills make you an ideal candidate, as well as your willingness to learn and your desire to succeed in the ever-changing digital marketing industry.

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