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Always been interested in working online?

Before you get ahead of yourself here, listen up. I’m going to reveal the most important secret you’ll learn before you begin your journey working online.

NOTHING HAPPENS OVER NIGHT. There is no instant success button – be it in the traditional workplace or when working online. BOTH take time, dedication and self-discipline to get to where you’d like to be.

Two years ago, my career and life were in a very different phase to where they are today. I was living with my parents, waiting on tables to earn a bit of cash but beside that, I felt lost.

I felt helpless, and not knowing what I wanted out of my life started to take it’s toll – and that was when I decided something had to change. Deep down, I knew I wanted more for myself and those around me.

I also realised the importance of a career that would allow me the freedom of being in charge of my own time and goals and to not have to be forced into a job I don’t enjoy for the rest of my life, only to make sure I had an income to get by.

So… I made a decision. And here’s my next nugget of gold for you. I DECIDED I was going to create exactly that. No one was going to do it for me, and no one was going to show me how to do it, but I knew I wanted it.

There was only one thing between me and creating the lifestyle of my dreams, and that one thing was taking action on the decision I had just made.

Dreaming about what we want to do is great, but do you know what’s even greater? Making the decision that you truly want to change the course of your life and following through on it by taking that first step, whether it be doing research on the internet, investing in a form of education (big or small, could even be a book!), or exchanging some of your time to assist someone who has already achieved it, and learn from them in the process.

These are just a of couple examples, but the most important part is that you make that first step because without starting, how will you ever make it any further?

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great” – Zig Ziglar

I’m guessing you’re here for one of two reason. The first – you know me personally and were just curious over about what I had to say, and the second, you’re interested in the idea of learning skills for an online career.

You know it’s possible… you’ve read the blogs, you’ve seen the pins on Pinterest of people making money from home, but you can’t help thinking, how is that REALLY possible?

What do people REALLY do in order to earn an income working online?

If we haven’t met yet, I’m Rachel Barber, Co-Founder of Fast Lane Digital.

I made the transition from employee to making money online and becoming fully self-employed, and it all started with becoming a freelance Virtual Assistant.

In 2018, I started working online while still working a restaurant job and studying, and slowly but surely started researching online about services I could provide. I was able to learn enough to impress a couple of clients with my services and by October 2018, I quit my job and began enjoying my fully self-employed lifestyle.

I started to taste how flexible life really could be, so much so that I booked a flight to south east asia and spent the next half a year travelling to several countries, all while continuing my career online.

A location independent career changed my life, and I know my co-founder (who’s been in the game a couple of years longer than I have!) found a similar kind of freedom for herself and her family through her online career too.

We’re passionate about the lifestyles we’ve created for ourselves and we truly feel there are so many of you out there who have the potential to achieve the same for yourselves too, but you don’t know where to start. Well, we’re here to change that. Through Fast Lane Digital — our vision is to help each of you discover a life-changing career path, too.

I’m writing part 2 of this post, and in it I’ll cover 3 topics to help you get started: what a freelancer is, the services you can offer as a freelancer, online tools we recommend you learn about and my top tips for finding clients as a new freelancer.

Interested? Take that first step I was talking about. This small step could be the start of the change you’ve so desperately been longing for.

Pop your email below along with one or two sentences describing why you’d like to work online and we’ll notify you in the next few weeks once Part 2 of this post comes out.

We can’t wait to share more golden nuggets of information with you!

~ Rachel

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